5 thoughts on “2012 ESMP

  1. I have wanted to attend Evergreen since I was a kid, I’m thinking about continuing my education there after I graduate from my current college. What is it like? Do you enjoy the school? It seems like everyone who goes there truly loves being there.

    • It’s pretty amazing. You truly have control over your academic experience. You can pretty much study/ get school credit for working in whatever field you study. All of the business & audio production classes I took we’re really hands on which I enjoyed. I think you should come check it out. I graduated over the summer and it was one if the best experiences of my life. I’m planning on going back for a masters. It has a bad reputation in some places but don’t believe that. It’s great!!!

      • Lol! I know they have a rep for being extremely liberal but that’s exactly what I’m looking for anyway!
        Congratulations for graduating. It all sounds fabulous, I have done research and I love the way they set up the grading and curriculum for students. I want to get my degree in business so thanks for the tips!
        I think I will definitely be visting, I’m almost positive I will love it :)!

      • Cool I’ll hit you up once I go up there. I graduate in June so I’m hoping to begin in the fall as well once I decide what I’m going to do! lol

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